Just an idea...

We are not just a community, together we are more than that. We can grow and become more creative. Die Retrospektive is not a company, Die Retrospektive exists only in our minds as a creative playground....

Our newest Project

Our latest project! May we introduce: Minecraft RISEN. A new roleplay project based on 1.17.

Meet our team

Creative master mind (CMM)


Wheatley (Tobias) is the Founder of „Die Retrospektive“. He and Motionblur founded the YouTube channel in early 2018. Wheatley is also responsible for the Discord server and numerous events and projects.

Photographic super genius (PSG)


Motionblur (Pascal), the cofounder is an important part of the retrospective, serving as an exceptionally good photographer and standout editor.

Creative realization head (CRH)


Lightwolfiii (Joshua) is our newest addition to the retrospective. He coordinates many events, such as esports and other gaming activities. He is also mostly responsible for the Discord.

Our Community

Our community is still small, but we have just started. This small idea can become something really big and you are the most important part!


YouTube allows us to take full advantage of our creative ideas with Premiere and Photoshop. At the moment we focus on gaming, but also other things like tech and much more may not be missing.

Social Media

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